Vi TECHNOLOGY’s PI Programs Automatically – Learn more at E-16

Vi TECHNOLOGY’s PI Programs Automatically – Learn more at E-16

Mon / 08 / 2016,

Saint-Egrève, France, August 2016 — Vi TECHNOLOGY, a leading provider of inspection solutions for PCB assembly, will exhibit with SMT Solutions in Booth A-1737 at E-16, scheduled to take place Sept. 6-8, 2016 at the Odense Congress Center in Denmark. Vi TECHNOLOGY will showcase its PI series 3D SPI and 7k DL Series.

PI Series, Vi TECHNOLOGY’s award-winning 3D SPI system, has been recognized by the industry as the most innovative SPI product since the introduction of Moiré systems. PI’s 360° Moiré technology offers a unique textural review image and outstanding performance and accuracy, through unambiguous Z referencing and warpage compensation.

PI is the only inspection system to program automatically. Solder paste and glue dots inspection quality is therefore independent on programmers’ training.

The 7K Dual Lane Series offers large-board capabilities up to 21’’ x 11’’ for each of the two lanes. The multi-segment dual-lane conveyors respond to floor-space constraints as well as AOI productivity concerns to meet customer expectations regarding cost/quality optimization. 

The system includes the latest Vi TECHNOLOGY software suite and P-Series acquisition heads with the i-LITE lighting system. It offers the same hardware and software upgradeability as the 5K Series and is compatible with the 3K platform, having P-Series optical heads.  The 7K DL Series ensures accuracy, repeatability and a short cycle time.